Daily Entry

Earth has been around for four billion years,
the universe formed faster than light
inside a bubble of inflation.
Before that there are only words:
Words and numbers, I guess then.
Beyond a cosmic microwave background.
is fake words and eternity.
Humans have been alive for two-hundred thousand years,
but that’s controversial.
I’ll live here for about hundred at the max.
Each day it’s own life-time.
Separated by brief states inside the outer body.
In the dream we are seamed in. Eternity combined with the mind
and what is seen.
Combined with what the heart
What the body wants.
What the ego screams.
Ate the blue pill I see.
Pay attention to the movie.
Outside the matrix is a matrix.
Face it, you gotta be in it to taste it.
But, those highlighted outer lives are still in sight too
inside you.
And you can project it too.
Make a matrix that’s made by you.
Inside you are roughly fourteen billion lightyears
moving faster than light and years
inside something inconceivable.
And that’s you.
You’re it.
And it chilled on that.
And it made woman then man
and said,
“Inside you I am,
rebellious wielders of the magic of math,
welcome to nothing.
Fight the Evil or join him.
He’s my personal programmed NPC .
I made the game’s storyline open world free.
A game creates a gamer.
The gamer creates the game.
alpha and omega, do the two-way minds get unity yet?”
Me is you
You is me
I am them
Them are me.
We is we
like the french.
Bees be bess
just to quench.
All trees are all trees,
and we cut them down just to make a fucking bench.
To save water is to save god.
To end life is to kill god.
so like c’mon, dude, chill out.


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