The taillights,

in front of my lights,

light up,

as they close in on the red light ahead of them.

For a split fucking second,

I look to my right.

For a split fucking second, I’m lost.


The sun is orange, dimmed, and low enough to look into.

A purple sky above the trees, rinses to pink, as it stretches towards the glowing orb, and fades into orange, red, then blue.

The taillights in front of me turn off

and begin to move forward

under the green light on a wire.

I follow them.

In the corner of my eye, there is a narrow shine of light, and I look.

To the sun and the setting: the trees, the field, the lakes, decay, the growth, the grass, wind, the space, the scene.

Water in my eyes from the beauty and brightness.

Clench my teeth and see the golden flakes of light reflecting off the glass like water.

Red Light.

Red Lights.

The taillights in front have stopped.

I slam on breaks and curse.

My headlights stop just in front a bumper.

My leg drums the constant boom of a heavy metal double bass.

But I don’t get out.

My chest rattles smoke, as I envision running laps around my car. Breathing in the dusk with my fire starter lungs.

My eyes meet seamlessly aligned with the sun’s rays.

Climbing on top and jumping up and down until the hood caves in like the cheap piece of shit it is.

Fall on my knees and hug the roof of my car.

Until the inside of my elbows bleed, and I

bite into the roof until my teeth break,

or my mouth bloodies by metal.

Screaming and pointing at the sun until all the honking and beeping enraged carzmanauts take the fucking time to look at the God damned sunset.

Basking in it with all my might relinquished

In awe at how feeble I am to the cosmos.

Realizing how powerful I am internally.

Spawned by such a tremendous force.

Birthed from universe.

Green light.

No break lights.

The taillights go off and move forward.

In a few feet it will stop again.

I don’t mind so much anymore.


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