Ain’t that Neat

Y’all go to church, but don’t get it’s on the sun’s day.

Y’all get upset at night cause y’all dont like how the moon plays.

Claim to see the light, but act like these trees don’t give life to you.

How the fuck is that? We understood that shit as baboons.

Why’s this real ass shit make me laugh like it’s a cartoon?

Why’s the deal wrapped up before everyone gets to the damn room?

Why the fuck the ice caps letting me say, “I told you so,” so soon?

Where are the other seasons?

Does evil even have reason?

Ain’t no cause that get’s blood washed off.

Watch you words, they make hearts hard or soft.

Be a boat that’s been to a port or two,

hold tight things that are important to you.

Understand things will sort out.

Understand all lights go out.

And all darkness sparkles.

And all things are marvelous.

It’s all probably just a part of this.

Life polishes up a mighty bit

of shine, time, and rhyme.

You live that life that’s fine.

I express this mind of mine.

And feel grasses slide like itching deities between my fingers.

Eyes up, skies touch the ground if you think about it.

Wrapped up, blanket around my mind, and I can’t get out it.

The race to the stars began at the bottom of our feet.

In our soles.

Ain’t that neat?



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