Hold tight.

Hold tight to what can’t be held. Fleeting moments dancing drunkely away like a mirrored version of yourself. A wild beast in time with the spirit of the unlabled. Cling tight to these untouchable events. Speak true and bravely to the void that calls and then hang up on it. Live loudly and brightly with all passions in your heart. Be what you want. Don’t listen to me. Cling to your own words. Live by rules set upon yourself. But, don’t be a dick about it. Or do. I don’t care. Cling to nothing that doesn’t matters. Cause what matters will cling to you.  Hold tight to be held tight. Remember to be remembered. Love to be loved. Hold tight to what can’t be held. Hold your memories and hold them well, but don’t let them be your jail. I don’t know much about heaven or hell, but I think I can tell that I am what I am.


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